Films : Grey Route
Grey Route
About the film

In a hazy landscape, an allegorical journey begins for Alexis with people - stations that affect a young person's life, by the crisis of days to create dead ends in his path.

Awards & Nominations

6th London Greek Film Festival
Honorary Award
Nikitas Tsakiroglou
(in recognition of achievements
in Greek cinema history)


Directed by Andy Papadimitriou
Story by Andy Papadimitriou
Screenplay by Andy Papadimitriou and Vlassis Skoulis
Cinematography by Christos Alexandris
Edited by Vlassis Skoulis
Music by Alexandros Koxaras

Produced by Andy Papadimitriou and Panos Stergiou

Cast  Giannis Poimenidis, Gogo Kartsana, Kostas Antalopoulos, Dimitris Havres, Filareti Komninou, Nikos Arvanitis, Thanasis Kourlampas and Nikitas Tsakiroglou